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Bug#877404: ITP: debdate -- Convert Gregorian dates to Debian Regnal dates

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Elena ``of Valhalla'' <valhalla-d@trueelena.org>

* Package name    : debdate
  Version         : 0.20170714
  Upstream Author : Elena Grandi <valhalla@trueelena.org>
* URL             : http://git.trueelena.org/cgit.cgi/software/debdate/
* License         : WTFPL
  Programming Lang: Python
  Description     : Convert Gregorian dates to Debian Regnal dates

Displays the Debian Regnal date of a given date, where the years are
named after the current stable release.

This is, admittely, a program or very minor importance, but also one
that should take very little effort to develop and maintain.
AFAIK there are many alternative programs to show dates the command
line, but none of them use the *proper* calendar like this one does.

Considering the topic, I believe that all of the potential users will
appreciate having a package, even if running the program from source is

I've already checked that, by using data from distro-info-data, it will
give the right answers even on the .0 release of a new stable, with no
additional effort from myself nor the project.

I plan to maintain this package in collab-maint, with the aim to move it
to PAPT as soon as the svn -> git migration is done.

I will need a sponsor for the first upload(s), but I'm a DM and can
receive upload permission for the (sporadical) updates.

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