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Re: Let's enable AppArmor by default (why not?)


John Johansen:
> On 09/09/2017 12:49 PM, intrigeri wrote:
>> John Johansen:
>> Christian Seiler put it clearly (quoted above) but here's a more
>> practical example: say 1. D-Bus mediation lands in Linux
>> 4.15 (totally made up, but this would be nice!); 2. I run Debian
>> Stretch; 3. I have to run Linux 4.15+ from stretch-backports (e.g.
>> on a shiny laptop that needs recent drivers). Then any AppArmor
>> profile shipped in Debian Stretch that was developed without D-Bus
>> mediation in mind can potentially start breaking the application
>> it confines.

This is now happening: the side-effect of many new AppArmor features
having landed in Linux mainline (good news!) — before our policy was
updated accordingly — is that AppArmor broke a couple things when
Linux 4.13 landed in sid (sorry, it's the first time we face this
situation and we're learning along the way!), and breaks *lots* of
things when running Linux 4.14. This situation is exceptional in that
years of kernel development are being upstreamed at once, but it's
bound to happen again at a smaller scale, and we do need to deal with
it to support the use case described above anyway.

My plan is:

1. In testing/sid, ship a conffile (in a package built from
   src:apparmor) that pins the most recent feature set fully supported
   by our policy, i.e. Linux 4.12's or 4.13's (depending on whether
   we've fixed all the regressions brought by 4.13 yet); this is now
   tracked by #879584. This should make the transition to Linux 4.14

2. Once our policy has been updated to work well with Linux 4.14's
   AppArmor features (#877581), bump the pinned feature set to 4.14's.

3. Rinse & repeat for Linux 4.15 etc.

And wrt. Stretch + Linux from backports, I'll propose a stable update
of src:apparmor that ships a similar conffile that pins the feature
set to Linux 4.9's (#879585).

I've mentioned a few issues with this plan on the corresponding bug
reports. I propose we discuss them there to avoid overloading this
thread with too many fine details :)

> - kernel: If the kernel is backported and the feature set is pinned
>   there is a low likely hood of problems.

… so we should be good with the above plan. Thanks!


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