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Re: debian/control file: how to selectively suppress recommends?

>>>>> Marcel Partap <mpartap@gmx.net> writes:

 > Dear fellow Debianauts, right now I am in the process of migrating my
 > selection of manually installed packages to a freshly debootstrapped
 > install using a set of meta-packages built with equivs.  While that
 > works nice and well, in some instances, I would like to limit the
 > number of recommends being pulled in, without turning recommends off
 > completely (the meta-packages themselves use
 > Recommends:dependencies).  So the --no-install-recommends parameter
 > or APT::Install-Recommends "0" are of no help in this case.  Any
 > ideas how to block installation of only some packages'
 > recommendations?

	Use apt_preferences(5)?  Like, say:

$ cat < /etc/apt/preferences.d/thanksbutnothanks.pref 

Explanation: Certain packages are not welcome here.
 systemd-sysv upstart
 dbus dbus-x11 gconf-service
 acpi-support-base tsconf
Pin: release c=main
Pin-Priority: -42


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