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Re: Gedit window is not moved into foreground when Nautilus opens a text file

* gochance@unseen.is <gochance@unseen.is> [171012 00:57]:
> Can anyone help solve this issue?
> When I use Nautilus to open a text file, the text file gets opened in
> the background. That is, the Nautilus window stays in the foreground
> and the text file is opened in the background inside a new tab in the
> Gedit window.
> How do I make the Gedit window move into the foreground whenever a new
> file is opened?
> I am using latest Debian Stretch. I never had this issue when using
> Debian Jessie.

The debian-devel list is for the developers who are helping to build the
Debian distribution (and others interested in it) to discuss the
development of the distribution.  A more appropriate place for user
support questions like yours is the debian-user list
<debian-user@lists.debian.org>.  Please redirect your question there.
There is probably also a GNOME IRC channel where you could get help, but
I don't know what it is.

If you find what you believe is a bug (I would discuss the above
question on debian-user first; this might just be a configuration
issue), you can use the reportbug package to file a bug report directly
for the appropriate package (likely nautilus in this case).


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