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Re: ftp master uploads disappearing?

Hi Andreas,

Am 01.10.2017 um 17:37 schrieb Andreas Tille:

> I confirm that I remember times when I had the same _source.chanegs
> alongside the _<arch>.changes but for some reason the source changes are
> missing now when I call pbuilder (--cowbuilder) from git-buildpackage.
> Do I need to add some specific option that was not needed before?

Guido pointed me some times ago to the following additions to my local
setup in ~/.gbp.conf. That do the trick always create a *source.changes
file too.

> $ cat ~/.gbp.conf
> ...
> [buildpackage]
> ...
> pbuilder = True
> pbuilder-options=--source-only-changes --hookdir /home/carsten/.pbuilder
> ...

You can also use the command line to add this option(s).

> $ gbp buildpackage ... --git-pbuilder-options="--source-only-changes ..."

Carsten Schoenert

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