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Re: Removing obsolete GNOME libraries

On 17/10/17 19:36, Emilio Pozuelo Monfort wrote:
> Hi,
> We (the Debian GNOME team) have been removing obsolete, unmaintained GNOME
> libraries for several years. Now we think it's time to do another step in this
> never-ending task and remove libgnome and friends, which have been unmaintained
> upstream since 7 years ago, as those libraries are from the GNOME 2 days and are
> unused in the GNOME 3 platform.

FWIW the libraries we are looking to remove are (source packages):

libgnome libgnomeui gnome-vfs libbonobo libbonoboui libgnome2-perl
libgnome2-vfs-perl gnome-sharp2 gnome-python gnome-python-desktop

And binaries:

Binary: gnome-sharp2, gnome-sharp2-examples, libart2.0-cil, libart2.0-cil-dev, libgconf2.0-cil, libgconf2.0-cil-dev, libgnome2.24-cil, libgnome2.0-cil-dev, libgnome-vfs2.0-cil, libgnome-vfs2.0-cil-dev
Binary: libbonobo2-common, libbonobo2-dev, libbonobo2-0, libbonobo2-bin
Binary: libbonoboui2-common, libbonoboui2-dev, libbonoboui2-0, libbonoboui2-bin
Binary: libgnome2-0, libgnome2-bin, libgnome-2-0, libgnome2-dev, libgnome2-common, libgnome2-doc
Binary: libgnome2-perl
Binary: libgnome2-vfs-perl
Binary: libgnomeui-0, libgnomeui-0-dbg, libgnomeui-dev, libgnomeui-common, libgnomeui-doc
Binary: libgnomevfs2-common, libgnomevfs2-0, libgnomevfs2-bin, libgnomevfs2-extra, libgnomevfs2-0-dbg, libgnomevfs2-dev
Binary: python-gnome2-desktop-dev, python-gnomekeyring, python-rsvg, python-wnck
Binary: python-gnome2, python-gconf, python-gnome2-dev, python-gnome2-doc


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