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Re: MBF: please drop transitional dummy package foo (if they were part of two releases or more)


On Sat, Oct 14, 2017 at 09:27:25PM +0000, Holger Levsen wrote:
> I'm doing an small mass bug filing against obsolete transitional packages
> which are at least marked "dummy transitional" since the jessie release,
> though many of them existed already in wheezy. I think it's rather undoubtful
> those are normal bugs we want to get rid off.
This has been done now, with the result of 172 open bugs about transitional
packages which exists since at least jessie, sometimes wheezy. (Didnt check
squeeze…) - plus an additional of 34 of those bugs which have been fixed since
the stretch release.

IOW: hopefully buster will get rid of 200 useless packages eventually.

> I'm currently undecided whether I think it's useful to file wishlist bugs
> against transitional dummy packages which only are that since stretch. What do 
> you think? Probably it's more useful to file wishlist bugs against packages
> depending on those… or should those be normal severity?

Next will be running this script on jenkins (then slightly changed), to point
out packages in buster (which are not fixed in sid) with reverse dependencies
to packages which are transitional packages since stretch. And then I might 
file some (normal) bugs then too, but I guess this will be in some time only…

Plus, *once we've released buster* I plan to again file bugs, that time against
transitional packages which have been traditional since stretch (and are still
transitional in buster and sid).


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