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/var/cache/ (was Re: Issues with Multi-Arch:same packages on purge) Re: [Debian-med-packaging] Question about proper archive area for packages that require big data for operation Re: [Debian-uk] dak-roulette activated [OT] Re: R 3.0.0 and required rebuilds of all reverse Depends: of R Re: [PATCH] netplug - Allow to specify custom script file via param '-s' [PATCH] resolvconf - Add option PREFER_IPV6 Re: [Soc-coordination] GSoC project: fedmsg for the Debian infrastructure Add multiarch library paths to DEFAULT_LIBRARY_PATH in Dpkg::Shlibs? alternative debian/rules Aptitude best to ignore a dependency Automatically satisfying Build-Depends from local control file Re: bits from the DPL: March-April 2013 Re: Bug#455769: same problem on wheezy + Thinkpad X220T Re: Bug#602034: jpeg8 vs jpeg-turbo Re: Bug#684128: down the memory hole Re: Bug#684128: failure to communicate Bug#704482: #704482 general: file copy over kde gui or cp to an usb devices (tried fat/ext3) is showen as finshed while it's still copying Bug#704482: general: file copy over kde gui or cp to an usb devices (tried fat/ext3) is showen as finshed while it's still copying Bug#704502: ITP: pdf.js -- web standards-based platform for parsing and rendering PDFs Bug#704510: ITP: nfacct -- command line tool to create/retrieve/delete netfilter accounting objects Bug#704518: ITP: libnetfilter-acct -- Netfilter userspace library for accouting infrastructure Bug#704519: ITP: scim-bridge -- IME server of scim-bridge communicate with SCIM Bug#704541: general: cannot switch open application by taskbar Bug#704541: marked as done (general: cannot switch open application by taskbar) Bug#704545: ITP: einspline -- library for the creation and evaluation of interpolating cubic basis splines Bug#704548: ITP: pifacedigitalio -- control a Pi-Face interface on your Raspberry Pi Bug#704583: ITP: ruby-haml-magic-translations -- internationalization library for Haml templates Bug#704587: ITP: libtcod -- an API for roguelike developpers Bug#704594: ITP: python-arpy -- library for accessing the archive files and reading the contents Bug#704609: ITP: python-owncloud -- ownCloud CLI client Bug#704612: ITP: coquelicot -- "one-click" file sharing web application with a focus on users' privacy Bug#704684: ITP: ruby-cabin -- Experiments in structured and contextual logging Bug#704685: ITP: ruby-clamp -- a minimal framework for command-line utilitie Bug#704686: ITP: ruby-arr-pm -- RPM reader and writer Ruby library Bug#704687: ITP: ruby-backports -- Backports of Ruby features for older Ruby Bug#704700: ITP: phpseclib -- implementations of an arbitrary-precision integer arithmetic library Bug#704711: ITP: python-audiolab -- a python package to read/write audio files from numpy arrays Bug#704746: ITP: r-cran-armadillo -- R bindings to Armadillo C++ linear algebra library Bug#704760: ITP: python-pecan -- WSGI object-dispatching web framework Bug#704766: ITP: rapicorn -- The Rapicorn Toolkit Bug#704810: ITP: spice-html5 -- Spice Web client which runs entirely within a modern browser Bug#704898: ITP: libnet-idn-nameprep-perl -- stringprep profile for Internationalized Domain Names (RFC 3491) Bug#704899: ITP: libhash-storediterator-perl -- Functions for accessing a hashes internal iterator Bug#704906: ITP: emscripten -- An LLVM-to-JavaScript Compiler Bug#704909: ITP: libcmime - libcmime is a lightweight mime library, written in C Bug#704997: ITP: cw-driver -- Driver and utilities for the Catweasel versatile floppy disk controller Bug#705006: ITP: libtype-tiny-perl -- tiny, yet Moo(se)-compatible type constraint Bug#705015: ITP: ie7-js -- help Internet Explorer behave like a standards-compliant browser Bug#705043: ITP: libmodule-install-contributors-perl -- add an "x_contributors" section to your META.yml Bug#705047: ITP: ruby-hiredis -- redis ruby driver using Hiredis Bug#705062: ITP: libperlx-maybe-xs-perl -- XS backend for PerlX::Maybe Bug#705070: ITP: aws-sdk-for-php -- software development kit to build solutions for Amazon Bug#705075: ITP: googlizer -- search the web for the contents of your X clipboad Bug#705085: ITP: pear-aws-channel -- PEAR channel definition file for aws Bug#705091: ITP: libfennec-perl -- Perl test helper providing RSPEC, Workflows, Parallelization, and Encapsulation Bug#705128: ITP: libcofoja-java -- Java framework with annotation processing to provide runtime checkings Bug#705144: ITP: libcommons-jexl2-java -- Java Expression Language (JEXL) 2.x Bug#705161: ITP: ruby-rpatricia -- radix tree implementation for IPv4 and IPv6 prefix storage for Ruby Bug#705168: Any multi VGA controller systems failing to boot? Bug#705169: RFH: iproute2 -- networking and traffic control tools Bug#705193: ITP: fatrace -- report system wide file access events Bug#705206: ITP: compass-breakpoint-plugin -- really simple media queries with Sass Bug#705212: ITP: chinese-checkers -- Multiplayer implementation of the chinese checkers game. Bug#705221: ITP: pcapfix -- repair broken pcap files Bug#705256: ITP: libparallel-runner-perl -- Perl module to manage running things in parallel processes Bug#705263: ITP: ioapps -- IO profiler and IO traces replayer Bug#705285: ITP: jhelioviewer -- Visualization software for solar image Bug#705313: ITP: libnet-cidr-set-perl -- Work with sets of IP addresses (IPv4 or IPv6) Bug#705324: ITP: alacarte -- tile renderer for OpenStreetMap using Cairo and MapCSS Bug#705352: ITP: bittwist -- libpcap-based Ethernet packet generator Bug#705372: ITP: xul-ext-timeline -- add timeline above the status bar of Icedove Bug#705399: ITP: pinba-mysql-engine -- realtime statistics server for PHP using MySQL as a read-only interface Bug#705400: ITP: php5-pinba -- Pinba module for php5 Bug#705405: ITP: pg-activity -- Realtime PostgreSQL database server monitoring tool Bug#705411: ITP: sphinxcontrib-phpdomain -- Sphinx "phpdomain" extension Bug#705413: ITP: ext4magic -- recover files from ext3 or ext4 partitions Bug#705416: ITP: rgxg -- ReGular eXpression Generator Bug#705438: ITP: owncloud-doc -- documentation for ownCloud Bug#705444: ITP: picmi -- Number logic game Bug#705448: ITP: ruby-grit -- Ruby Git bindings Bug#705452: docbook-xml: Fail to upgrade due to pre-depend problem Bug#705452: easy to workaround Bug#705459: ITP: jxrlib -- JPEG-XR lib Bug#705463: ITP: ruby-sasl -- SASL client library for Ruby Bug#705472: ITP: ruby-omniauth-ldap -- LDAP strategy for Ruby OmniAuth library Bug#705477: ITP: ruby-yaml-db -- library to export/import of database into/from yaml files Bug#705479: ITP: ruby-grack -- Git Smart HTTP Server Rack implementation in Ruby/Rack Bug#705480: ITP: ruby-grit-ext -- utf-8 support extension for grit Bug#705482: ITP: ruby-charlock-holmes -- Ruby character encoding detection library Bug#705537: ITP: metastudent -- predictor of Gene Ontology terms from protein sequence Bug#705653: ITP: numatop -- display Linux processes on a NUMA system Bug#705656: ITP: libreverseproxy-formfiller-perl -- Let Apache fill and submit any html form in place of the user Bug#705691: ITP: defusedxml -- XML bomb protection for Python stdlib modules Bug#705758: ITP: statsd -- Stats aggregation daemon Bug#705761: ITP: amqp-spec -- spec files for the Advanced Message Queueing Protocol (AMQP) Bug#705821: ITP: ocaml-opus -- OCaml bindings to libopus Bug#705822: ITP: ocaml-frei0r -- OCaml bindings to the frei0r API for video effects Bug#705844: ITP: zuul -- zuul - a project gating system Bug#705850: ITP: gti -- Animates a car and launches git if you type gti by mistake Bug#705879: general: wheezy don't boot on ext4 with external-journal Bug#705879: marked as done (general: wheezy don't boot on ext4 with external-journal) Bug#705879: moreinfo Bug#705881: ITP: libhtml-html5-builder-perl -- erect some scaffolding for your documents Bug#705882: ITP: php-markdown-extra -- Extension of php-markdown with features that plain markdown doesn't provide Bug#705897: ITP: dateutils -- nifty command line date and time utilities Bug#705907: ITP: ranch -- socket acceptor pool for TCP protocols in Erlang Bug#705915: ITP: python-hiredis -- Redis driver for Python using Hiredis Bug#705930: ITP: kitchen -- Cornuscopia of useful Python code Bug#705932: ITP: stomper -- Python client implementation of the STOMP protocol Bug#705941: ITP: moksha.common -- Common components for Moksha Bug#705943: ITP: txzmq -- ZeroMQ bindings for Twisted Bug#705944: ITP: txws -- Twisted WebSockets wrapper Bug#705945: ITP: moksha.hub -- Hub components for Moksha Bug#705947: ITP: fabulous -- Makes your terminal output totally fabulous Bug#705949: ITP: m2ext -- M2Crypto Extensions Bug#705950: ITP: bunch -- Dot-accessible Python dictionary (a la JavaScript objects) Bug#705952: ITP: python-fedora -- Python modules for interacting with Fedora Services Bug#705953: ITP: fedmsg -- Fedora Messaging Client API Bug#705954: ITP: ms-sys -- writes Microsoft compatible boot records Bug#705970: ITP: python-park -- persistent key-value API for Python with ordered traversal of keys Bug#705972: ITP: qupzilla -- lightweight web browser based on libqtwebkit Bug#705982: closed by Holger Levsen <> (after correction configuration things work ;)) Bug#705982: marked as done (Wireless connection drops and will NOT re-connect -- Debian/Wheezy RC1 64 bit) Bug#706009: ITP: grr -- web-based resource reservation system Bug#706014: ITP: re-name -- mass rename tool using regular expression Bug#706029: ITP: libxxx-perl -- debug viewer for Perl data structure Bug#706030: ITP: libstring-diff-perl -- simple diff for strings Bug#706042: ITP: grapefruit -- Python module to manipulate color information easily Bug#706048: ITP: nsnake -- classic snake game with textual interface Bug#706060: ITP: lxc-docker -- the Linux container runtime Bug#706068: ITP: SQL Workbench/J -- A free, DBMS-independent, cross-platform SQL tool Bug#706070: ITP: ruby-memoize -- Ruby library providing speed up methods at the cost of memory (or disk space) Bug#706077: ITP: yetris -- customizable Tetris(tm) on the console Bug#706078: ITP: base91 -- base91 encoder/decoder Bug#706119: RFP: libgit2-glib -- GLib wrapper for libgit2 Bug#706133: ITP: ompl -- Set of sampling-based motion planning algorithms. Bug#706158: general: Probleme d'affichage Bug#706158: marked as done (general: Probleme d'affichage) Bug#706159: ITP: libzmq-libzmq2-perl -- Perl bindings to the libzmq 2.x library Bug#706160: Bug#706160: general: it should be easier for ordinary developers to work with Debian packages Bug#706160: marked as done (general: it should be easier for ordinary developers to work with Debian packages) Bug#706162: ITP: luxio -- Posix bindings for Lua Bug#706179: ITP: r-cran-rsclient -- R client for the headless Rserve R server Bug#706180: ITP: node-once -- Run a function only once with this module for Node.js Bug#706204: ITP: sgabios -- A bios option rom to provide legacy serial console for x86 Bug#706240: ITP: node-read-package-json -- Read package.json for npm module for Node.js Bug#706255: ITP: node-slide -- Simple chain and asyncMap flow control module for Node.js Bug#706256: ITP: node-fstream-ignore -- Directory reader configurable by .ignore module for Node.js Bug#706257: ITP: liblingua-sentence-perl -- Perl extension for breaking text paragraphs into sentences Bug#706258: ITP: liblingua-sentence-perl -- Perl extension for breaking text paragraphs into sentences Bug#706277: ITP: libdata-bitmask-perl -- bitmask manipulation class Bug#706311: unblock: libpano13/2.9.18+dfsg-5 Bug#706347: ITP: node-lockfile -- Asynchronous file lock module for Node.js Bug#706391: ITP: slimlock -- screen locker based on SLiM and slock Bug#706408: ITP: castle-game-engine -- 3D game engine for FreePascal & Lazarus Bug#706458: ITP: inotify-hookable -- blocking command-line interface to inotify Bug#706466: general: graphical applications launch in wrong session Bug#706469: ITP: minetest-modpack-mobf -- Minetest ModPack providing a framework for creating mobs Bug#706485: ITP: libidw-java -- swing docking windows framework Bug#706503: ITP: arduino-mighty-1284p -- Platform files for Arduino to run on ATmega1284P Community Outreach to other communities Re: Crypto export Crypto export (was: Legal possibility of more open package reviews.) Re: CUT and stable releases Was: Re: R 3.0.0 ... CUT and stable releases Was: Re: R 3.0.0 and required rebuilds of all reverse Depends: of R dak-roulette activated DEBIAN 0.93 Debian two-factor auth, GSoC? Debootstrap progress does not look monotonic Derivatives, MongoDB and freezes Re: detailed lists with archive contents - more than just Contents down the memory hole Re: DPL 2013: Lats call for votes epoch in filenames for packages (was: Re: R 3.0.0 and required rebuilds of all reverse Depends: of R) Epoch usage conventions (was Re: R 3.0.0 and required rebuilds of all reverse Depends: of R) Re: failure to communicate fingerprint-gui on Debian ? Re: fotoxx: new upstream version available FPM in Debian archive [Was: Re: Bug#704686: ITP: ruby-arr-pm -- RPM reader and writer Ruby library] Further Update on R 3.0.0 migration (Was: R 3.0.0 and required rebuilds of all reverse Depends: of R) Re: Generators for debian/* files? Generators for debian/* files? Git packaging workflow discussion on planet.d.o GSoC project: fedmsg for the Debian infrastructure The last update was on 07:35 GMT Sun May 27. There are 876 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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