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Re: dak-roulette activated

On Monday, April 01, 2013 01:07:32 AM Jonathan Wiltshire wrote:
> The residents of #debian-uk are pleased to announce that, in conjunction
> with our friendly FTP masters, dak-roulette has just been activated in cron
> on ftp-master.debian.org targetting unstable and no particular maintainer.
> I enclose the documentation for your reference.
> __________________________________________________________________________
> dak-roulette(1)                                               
> dak-roulette(1)
>        dak-roulette - play roulette with the Debian archive
>        dak-roulette [options]
>        dak-roulette  plays roulette with the Debian archive, removing
> packages at random under the correct conditions.
>        Following invocation, the 'gun' is loaded  with  a  single  bullet 
> and aimed  at  a  randomly-chosen  package. The gun is fired. If the bullet
> finds its mark, the package is removed and the maintainer notified.
>        Various switches can influence the behaviour of dak-roulette.
>        -f, --fill-gun
>               Fill the gun, leading to certain removal and the ensuing 
> enter‐ tainment.
>        -q, --quiet
>               Do  not notify the maintainer of the removed package. By
> default a standard mail is sent.
>        -s suite, --suite=suite
>               Act on the specified suite, by default unstable.
>        --allow-important
>               Allow dak-roulette to remove packages  with  priority 
> important and  lower from the archive. By default, only standard, optional
> and extra packages are targets.
>        --allow-required
>               Allow dak-roulette to remove packages with priority required
> and lower from the archive (implies --allow-important).
>        --pick-on=email
>               Limit  the  list  of targets to those maintained by a
> particular maintainer, identified by email.
>        -n, --miss
>               Deliberately miss the target, but print what would have
> happened (dry run).
>         /etc/dak/roulette-notify.txt
>               Default message body to send to maintainers of removed
> packages.
>        dak-roulette is best run from cron for maximum entertainment.
>        dak-roulette  was born out of a sense of mischief shared by the
> inhabi‐ tants of #debian-uk and #debian-ftp.
>        This manual page was written by Jonathan Wiltshire <jmw@debian.org>
> and distributed under the GNU General Public License, version 2.
>        The  author takes no responsibility for any consequences resulting
> from use of this program.
>                                   2013-04-01                  
> dak-roulette(1)

Excellent.  What's the interval on the cron runs?  If we get lucky, this could 
get us to a release really soon.

Scott K

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