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Bug#704482: #704482 general: file copy over kde gui or cp to an usb devices (tried fat/ext3) is showen as finshed while it's still copying

package general
severity 704482 wishlist
tags 704482 -patch
reassign 704482 konqueror

For "cp" this is not a bug, you are supposed to umount the filesystem
before you remove the usb device. Nothing in "man cp" guarantees that
the file has been copied to the disk when the command exits.

For "konqueror" this is also not a critical bug, you are supposed to use
"safely remove drive" or equivalent before removing the usb
device. However, I think it would be nice to have a progress bar that
would show the actual data transfer. I'm thus changing this to a
wishlist bug against konqueror. Feel free to close if you don't think
this is realistic.

You marked the bug with "patch" but I don't see any patch, I assume this
was an error.

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