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Re: Git packaging workflow discussion on planet.d.o

On 2013-04-04 16:00:34 +0200 (+0200), Andreas Tille wrote:
> I can not see how Joey[1] and Daniel[3] would solve these problem when
> they are not interested in upstream tarball releases any more.

It's worth pointing out, packagers should not assume just because an
upstream uses a VCS with public access, it in any way means they
release directly out of their version control repositories. A rather
large project with which I'm involved has an automated release
mechanism which integrates information from git tags into files
within the tarballs at release time... we generate these tarballs
mostly for the benefit of distribution packagers, to make their
lives easier (so they don't have to re-run the release scripts).

A simpler example is the common practice of projects which
autogenerate AUTHORS and ChangeLog files out of their VCS logs... it
makes no sense to store those files back into the version control,
but adding them to release tarballs via a scripted release mechanism
makes a lot of sense. If your packaging workflow does not rely on
importing the contents of release tarballs, then for projects like
this you miss some content unless you re-run the same release
scripts post-facto.
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