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Re: dak-roulette activated

Samuel Thibault dijo [Mon, Apr 01, 2013 at 02:40:56AM +0200]:
> Scott Kitterman, le Sun 31 Mar 2013 20:37:38 -0400, a écrit :
> > > dak-roulette(1)
> > 
> > Excellent.  What's the interval on the cron runs?  If we get lucky, this could 
> > get us to a release really soon.
> Which could even fit on just one CD!

If it runs via a cron job, it can reduce up to 1440 packages in a day
(of course, the ratio of "bullets" to "clicks" has to be taken in
consideration). So this might really speed up the release process:
Given ~30,000 source packages in the archive, it says basically
"release in three weeks OR ELSE".

In order to get the release timing for Debian to fit in just one CD
under such construction, I suggest you take the average size of
packages and multiply it by the space we need to save. Then we can run
a contest similar to Christian Perrier's "bug #x00000".

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