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Re: Bug#684128: down the memory hole

> I do remember this mail, and I remember thinking "uh, spamassassin
> missed killing that spam" without reading it all. Only the very end of
> the mail doesn't look like spam, there's very little probability that a
> maintainer would have gone that far.

*I* did hit my "Esc-L" mutt macro on that mail, while reading

Which means that I reported it as spam. If 4 more people did the same,
then the mail passed the first step of spam review....and was then
marked as "possibly spam".

Then it is to be reviewed by Debian Developers who manually process,
every week, such signalled "possible spams". If 3 of them confirm this
is spam without nobody tagging it as ham, the mail is removed from the
mailing list archives next week.

Please note that all this only applies to the mailing list archives,
*not* the BTS.

And, frankly, if I have to review this mail and decide whether it's
spam or not, chance are about 50-50 that I catalog it as spam.

This mail is a very good argument to confirm that overcomplicated
methods to make your point will just fail.

If you have a point to make it, make ti. Once. With facts.

You will never convince anyone with a mail like yours. Sorry, but this
is only about failure to communicate.

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