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Bug#705982: marked as done (Wireless connection drops and will NOT re-connect -- Debian/Wheezy RC1 64 bit)

On Mon, 2013-04-29 at 11:24 +0200, Holger Levsen wrote:
Hi Abou,

are you the original submitter?
Hi Holger,

No I'm not the original submitter, but I'm a user of N-M
Technically, you and I and everybody can reopen this bug, but practically I 
I know, but would like to discuss this before doing so
think it would be better if you file a new one, where you describe the issue 
short and to the point. As it is, this bug report is cluttered with your 
description how to setup wicd and /etc/network/interfaces - which hides the 
problem you had with network-manager. 
I think you should have asked for clarification before closing the bug, but no problem as we can reopen it anyway.
I'm ccing the original repoter for providing more information. we just can ignore the workaround, even if it could be important for those who want cope with this issue quickly.
Hint: "it doesnt work" is not a good bug report.
I fully agree here, but some users may not be familiar with bug reporting and should be educated with patience.
> Also the fact the N-M is completely buggy 

That's just wrong (but there is a vocal group on d-devel who will shout "hell 
yeah!", so enjoy).
I know! I personally find the concept of N-M very interesting, but think that it lacks many features and has many bugs. I'll not reopen this flavor again and prefer to help or shut-up. I was accommodated to many issues and I'm usually blaming myself not reporting these issues so can not blame N-M to have them. 
> does not mean we should hide
> its bugs, this will not help at all. We'd rather keep them open and ask
> hacker for help.

Looking at http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?src=""> I 
dont think we're activly hiding problems with network-manager (or any other 
software for that matter).
Sorry, but that was not my thought, I'm just speaking about this bug report.


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