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Re: Bug#455769: same problem on wheezy + Thinkpad X220T

Daniel Pocock writes ("Re: Bug#455769: same problem on wheezy + Thinkpad X220T"):
> On 02/04/13 19:57, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > I agree.  But such triage should be done in a way that the maintainer
> > will agree with.  Fighting with the maintainer's view of severities is
> > not "triage", it is abuse.
> Personally, I feel there is a distinction between fighting and debating
> a viewpoint,

If you are debating a viewpoint you should do so by sending an
ordinary email message to the bug.

When you manipulate the bug's status, you are supposed to be assisting
the maintainer with triage.  So you should not manipulate a bug's
status in a way that you think the maintainer doesn't (or wouldn't)
agree with.  (Modulo the usual caveat about RC status being up to the
release team.)

If you change the severity of a bug in a way that you know the
maintainer disagrees with, you are fighting with them.


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