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Bug#704997: ITP: cw-driver -- Driver and utilities for the Catweasel versatile floppy disk controller

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <glaubitz@physik.fu-berlin.de>

* Package name    : cw-driver
  Version         : 0.14
  Upstream Author : Karsten Scheibler <cw@unusedino.de>
* URL             : http://unusedino.de/cw/
* License         : GPL-2
  Programming Lang: C
  Description     : Driver and utilities for the Catweasel versatile floppy disk controller

cw is a package containing the driver and utilities for accessing floppy disks attached
to the Catweasel series of floppy disk controllers by Individual Computers. These controllers
are fully programmable and therefore allow reading and writing of a variety of floppy disk
formats. These currently include:
  * Amiga 3.5" (880k, 1760k)
  * Apple Macintosh 3.5" (400k, 800k, 720k, 1440k)
  * MS-DOS 3.5" (720k, 1440k)
  * MS-DOS 5.25" (360k, 720k, 800k, 1200k)
  * ATARI ST 3.5" (360k, 720k, 800k, 1440k)
  * ATARI 800 XL 5.25" (130k, 180k)
  * Apple II 5.25" (140k)
  * Commodore 1541 5.25" (170k)
  * Commodore 1571 5.25" (170k, 341k)
  * Commodore 1581 3.5" (800k)
  * Catweasel Extra (1160k, 2380k)
  * Nintendo Backup Station 3.5" (1600k)
The disks can be read and written using conventional DD/HD 3.5" and 5.25" floppy disk
drives using the cwtool disk utility provided in the cw package. The driver supports
the following Catweasel models:
  * Catweasel Mk-II (IDE-type, connected to an IDE host)
  * Catweasel Mk-III Flipper (PCI)
  * Catweasel Mk-IV (PCI)
  * Catweasel Mk-IVplus (PCI)
The driver supplied in the cw package supports the built-in floppy disk controller
only. Support for the on-board C64 sound chip (SID), the joystick ports and the
Amiga keyboard port, is provided by other driver packages, these include:
  * catweasel: supports SID, joystick and Amiga keyboard ports - http://llg.cubic.org/cw/
  * cwfloppy: Catweasel floppy disk controller block device driver - http://www.soundtracker.org/raw/cwfloppy/
  * hardsid: supports HardSID cards and the SID chips on the Mk-III and IV Catweasels - http://hardsid.sourceforge.net/
  * hardsid-catweasel: reworked hardsid driver which supports the Catweasel Mk-IV only - https://bel.fi/alankila/hardsid-catweasel/
  * cw2dmk: utility to use the Catweasel floppy disk controller without a kernel driver - http://www.tim-mann.org/catweasel.html
  * hardsec_cw: fork of cw2dmk with additional supprt for hard-sectored disks - http://webpages.charter.net/thecomputercollection/hardsec_cw.tar.gz
More information can be found in the README included in the tarball of the cw package.

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