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Re: Bug#684128: down the memory hole

Hi Ian,

(dropping the bug in CC, as it has nothing to do with it).

Le jeudi, 4 avril 2013 12.27:01, ian_bruce@fastmail.net a écrit :
> It seems that Historical Revisionism, of the bad kind, is now in
> operation at Debian, in that critical commentary about unapplied patches
> is made to disappear down the memory hole, without leaving so much as a
> trace on the relevant bug report.
> If it were thought that the criticism was unfair, or inaccurate, then it
> could be allowed to remain in place, so that other people might judge
> its lack of merit for themselves.
> In the case of bug #684128, post #108, however, the fact that the
> offending message was promptly vaporized* (as will be this one also), of
> course suggests that the opposite is true.

Are you talking about that mail ?

If that's the case, I'm not surprised that it got flagged as spam and removed 
from the bug tracking system (as that's what I suppose happened): I needed to 
read until the end of it to notice that this long mail was vaguely related to 
the bug at hand: both the subject and the content look like spam to me. That 
said, I don't find that this mail is unfair criticism, just that it is not 
sufficiently related to the bugreport (more in shape than in content) to be 
unambiguously non-spam.

Dropping obvious spam from public archives has nothing to do with "Hystorical 
Revisionism" or whatever else: don't assume malice here: I think that in this 
case either the automatic filters or the human triagers have slightly 
overlooked your mail.

So please, next time something puzzles you similarly, ask for clarification in 
a neutral way instead of publicly accusing "Debian of operating Historical 
Revisionism", which is incredibly rude.



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