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Re: Generators for debian/* files?


Quoting Wookey (2013-04-05 12:17:42)
> Because it's an entirely unnecessary circular build-dependency. java
> is not part of build-essential and this doesn't seem like a good
> reason for making it so.

mh_make is part of the package maven-debian-helper (Thomas: I cant find the
package debian-java you were talking about) but according to the bootstrap
tools, maven-debian-helper is not part of any dependency cycle.

I would be glad if you can prove me wrong because then you found yet another
bug in my code. :)

A java helper which is part of many dependency cycles, is the package
javahelper which is part of the main SCC. It seems that 233 source packages
relevant for the bootstrap process build depend on javahelper (out of a total
of 290 source packages build depending on it).

cheers, josch

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