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Bug#705169: RFH: iproute2 -- networking and traffic control tools

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I request assistance with maintaining the iproute2 package.

Help is welcome in all areas, but following ones would be
extra appreciated:

"Please perform a full source scan and document all licensing information."
As requested by ftp-masters.

Triaging bugs listed at http://bugs.debian.org to find out if
they are still valid, a fix can be found (and submitted upstream!),
or confirmed to be in the kernel (and reassigned).

Following up on new bug reports. Potentially review and forward
patches upstream.

The package description is:
 The iproute2 suite is a collection of utilities for networking and
 traffic control.
 These tools communicate with the Linux kernel via the (rt)netlink
 interface, providing advanced features not available through the
 legacy net-tools commands 'ifconfig' and 'route'.

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