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*-config programs and multi-arch About DEP-5 Format URL alternative dependency ordering - with respect of packages in main Are we monitoring disk space per package over time anywhere? AW: New libsdl-perl will break frozen-bubble, pangzero and dizzy Re: Bits from dpkg developers - dpkg 1.16.1 Re: bits from the DPL for August 2011 BTW question: how expensive is archive/unarchive Re: Bug#601596: RFH: festival -- General multi-lingual speech synthesis system Re: Bug#601596: RFH: festival -- General multi-lingual speech synthesis system Re: Re: Bug#616317: base: commit= ext3 mount option in fstab has no effect. Re: Bug#631592: RFC: Adding "Pre-Depends: libtinfo5" to libncurses5 Bug#640020: ITP: libkwargs-perl -- Simple, clean handling of named/keyword arguments Bug#640027: ITP: openslide -- library to read virtual slides Bug#640037: ITP: pydap -- DAP (Data Access Protocol) client and server Bug#640051: ITP: libsbinary-scala -- Library for describing binary formats for Scala types Bug#640055: ITP: python-pyramid-beaker -- Beaker sessioning bindings for Pyramid Bug#640069: ITP: stm32flash -- Flash program for the ST STM32 ARM Cortex-M3 using the ST bootloader Bug#640076: ITP: fso-deviced -- device daemon Bug#640110: ITP: ruby-ascii85 -- Ruby library to encode/decode the Ascii85 format Bug#640118: ITP: rdkit -- Collection of cheminformatics and machine-learning software Bug#640204: ITP: ztex-bmp -- babel universal macro processor Bug#640240: ITP: toprammer -- Command-line and GUI software for the TOP2049 universal programmer Bug#640263: debian-policy: Clarify policy section 9.9 - Environment variables Bug#640284: ITP: ab-chocolate -- inline assignments book Bug#640365: ITP: libplack-test-externalserver-perl -- module for running HTTP tests on external live servers Bug#640368: ITP: libplack-middleware-reverseproxy-perl -- module supporting apps to run as a reverse proxy backend Bug#640369: ITP: libmoosex-types-loadableclass-perl -- ClassName type constraint with coercion to load the class Bug#640405: ITP: libnet-address-ip-local-perl -- Perl module for discovering the local system's IP address Bug#640411: RFP: libtest-harness-archive-perl -- Create an archive of TAP test results Bug#640471: ITP: coccigrep -- A semantic grep for the C language based on coccinelle Bug#640511: ITP: volview -- Advanced volume visualization tool Bug#640664: ITP: libpspio -- Library to read and write pseudopotentials Bug#640670: ITP: ruby-pdf-reader -- Ruby library for accessing the content of PDF files Re: Bug#640672: moving files to arch specific include breaks compilations with -m32 Bug#640695: ITP: python-mrjob -- MapReduce framework for writing and running Hadoop Streaming job Bug#640718: ITP: aces3 -- Advanced Concepts in Electronic Structure III Bug#640721: ITP: xf86-video-omap -- X.Org X server -- OMAP display driver Bug#640755: ITP: node-xmlhttprequest -- XMLHttpRequest for Node Bug#640798: O: gpscorrelate -- correlates digital photos with GPS data filling EXIF fields (command line) Bug#640807: ITP: plasma-widget-daisy -- KDE plasma widget showing a Mac like dock Bug#640873: ITP: libsmack-java -- Easy to use Java XMPP client library Bug#640885: ITP: ruby-ttfunk -- Ruby library to parse TrueType font metrics Bug#640917: ITP: liblog-report-perl -- report a problem, pluggable handlers Bug#640954: ITA: unclutter -- hides the cursor in X after a period of inactivity Bug#640970: ITP: ibus-googlepinyin -- googlepinyin engine for ibus Bug#640976: RFH: serna-free Bug#641014: ITP: php-graphite -- Quick and Dirty PHP Library for hacking with Linked Data Bug#641131: ITP: gst-debug-viewer -- GStreamer Debug Viewer Bug#641183: ITP: qfsodbusxml2cpp -- qdbusxml2cpp utility modified by fso Bug#641205: ITP: sdp-s -- Semidefinite relaxations solver Bug#641207: ITP: ordereddict -- drop-in substitute for collections found in Python 2.7 Bug#641221: Debian Squeeze problem with firewire_core (DV camera over FireWire) Bug#641272: ITP: jai-core -- Java Advanced Imaging API reference implementation Bug#641276: ITP: jai-imageio-core -- Java Advanced Imaging Image I/O Tools API core Bug#641280: ITP: libtemplate-plugin-datetime-format-perl -- format DateTime objects from inside TT with DateTime::Format-style formatters Bug#641295: ITP: net-luminis-build-plugin -- Wrapper around Bnd to allow easy bundle creation from ant builds. Bug#641303: ITP: pinktrace -- ptrace wrapper library Bug#641304: ITP: ptex2tex -- easy generation of (possibly complex) LaTeX environments Bug#641307: ITP: instead -- simple text adventures/visual novels engine Bug#641315: ITP: opendap -- Project for a Network Data Access Protocol Bug#641318: RFP: [PACKAGE] -- [SHORT DESCRIPTION] Bug#641321: RFP: bts -- [SHORT DESCRIPTION] Bug#641345: ITP: pysurfer -- visualize Freesurfer's data in Python Bug#641364: ITP: yafaray-blender2.5-exporter -- YafaRay Exporter for Blender 2.5x Bug#641366: ITP: instead-game-cat -- science-fiction and dramatic text adventure Bug#641399: ITP: visad -- Visualization for Algorithm Development Bug#641444: ITP: event-dance -- Peer-to-peer inter-process communication library Bug#641445: ITP: filetea -- Web-based file sharing system Bug#641447: ITP: netcdf-java -- Java interface to NetCDF files Bug#641448: ITP: bio-formats -- Solution for reading proprietary microscopy image data and metadata Bug#641464: ITP: pandas -- data structures for "relational" or "labeled" data Bug#641465: ITP: kboot-utils -- Helper tools to generate a kboot.conf file Bug#641501: ITP: cubosphere -- 3d Puzzle similar to Kula World / Roll Away Re: Bug#641504: ITP: libgetdata -- Library to read/write dirfile data Bug#641504: ITP: libgetdata -- Library to read/write dirfile data Bug#641581: ITP: libzerg -- C library for parsing the output of NCBI BLAST programs Bug#641597: ITP: haml -- Haml is a markup language that is used to cleanly and simply describe the HTML of any web document without the use of inline code. Bug#641624: ITP: wcslib -- Implementation of the FITS WCS standard Bug#641655: ITP: xtalopt -- Evolutionary Crystal Structure Prediction Bug#641699: ITP: gnome-globalmenu -- global menu plug-in for gnome-shell Bug#641700: ITP: ruby-pdf-inspector -- Ruby library for analyzing PDF output Bug#641721: ITP: gnatpython -- Python framework to ease development of test suites Bug#641757: ITP: maven-project-info-reports-plugin -- Maven Project Info Reports Plugin Bug#641799: ITP: libzerg-perl -- fast perl module for parsing the output of NCBI BLAST programs Bug#641812: ITP: qt-solutions2009-gpl -- free source code from Qt, available under GPL-3 Bug#641823: ITP: libarchive-peek-perl -- Peek into archives without extracting them Bug#641847: ITP: libtest-indistdir-perl -- test environment setup for development with IDE Bug#641851: ITP: no-dice -- a casual dice matching game Bug#641887: ITP: libcrypt-rc4-perl -- Perl implementation of the RC4 encryption algorithm Bug#641899: ITP: ebook-speaker -- eBook reader that reads out via synthetic voice Bug#641935: ITP: libconfig-autoconf-perl -- Perl module to implement some of AutoConf macros in pure Perl Bug#641938: ITP: ztex -- programming and control of EZ-USB microcontrollers Bug#641951: ITP: linaro-image-tools -- collection of tools to work with Linaro images Bug#642005: general: maximum size of SHM memory blocks to low Bug#642118: ITP: tkdnd -- adds native drag & drop capabilities to the Tk toolkit Bug#642132: ITP: libalien-sdl-perl -- helper to get, build and use SDL libraries Bug#642172: ITP: likewise-open -- Authentication services for Active Directory Domains Bug#642188: ITP: libtravel-routing-de-vrr-perl -- unofficial interface to the German itinerary service Bug#642198: ITP: r8168 -- dkms source for the r8168 network driver Bug#642208: ITP: opengtl -- Set of library for using transformation algorithms Bug#642244: ITP: libtie-simple-perl -- Tie made easy Bug#642268: ITP: quickfix -- FIX protocol library Bug#642282: ITP: libapache2-mod-socket-policy-server -- libapache2-mod-socket-policy-server is an Apache2 module for serving Adobe socket policies. Bug#642311: ITP: ipdb -- IPython-based pdb replacement Bug#642319: ITP: fcitx-handwrite -- an GTK+ frontend, zinnia based handwrite input method for fcitx Bug#642344: ITP: percona-toolkit -- Collection of advanced command-line tools to perform a variety of complex MySQL and system tasks Bug#642416: ITP: node-which -- Like which(1) unix command for Node Bug#642452: marked as done (SetUID-enabled binary doesn't run as root) Bug#642452: SetUID-enabled binary doesn't run as root Bug#642472: ITP: aces2 -- Advanced Concepts in Electronic Structure II Bug#642493: ITP: trac-odtexport -- Export trac wiki pages as OpenDocument (ODT) files Bug#642518: ITP: puppet-lint -- Check puppet manifests for style guide conformity Bug#642562: ITP: flickrbackup -- Simple tool to perform a backup of your photos in flickr Bug#642586: ITP: mmtk -- The molecular modeling toolkit Bug#642655: ITP: brebis -- fully automated backup checker Bug#642677: ITP: python-repoze.sendmail -- mail sending library with transactions Bug#642694: ITP: python-pyramid-mailer -- mail sending library for Pyramid Bug#642703: general: Scan lines appear in drop-down menus. LibreOffice also shows artifacts when starting. Might be something to do with the version of fglrx. Bug#642801: Please support dpkg-source format 3.0 (git) in our archive. Bug#642906: RFH: balsa -- An e-mail client for GNOME Bug#642955: general: strptime pars not week number Bug#642959: ITP: python-hamcrest -- library of matchers for building test expressions (python version) Bug#642998: ITP: htsengine -- HMM-based speech synthesis engine API Bug#643011: ITP: dupmerge2 -- dupmerge2 finds and hardlinks identical files Bug#643288: ITP: synconv -- rsync-like audio format transcoder Bug#643298: ITP: open-jtalk -- Japanese TTS system Bug#643323: ITP: profphd-utils -- profphd helper utilities convert_seq and filter_hssp Bug#643324: ITP: profphd -- secondary structure and solvent accessibility predictor Bug#643326: ITP: digraphtools -- Python library for working with directed acyclic graphs Bug#643329: ITP: hts-voice-nitech-jp-atr503-m001 -- HTS voice NIT ATR503 M001 Bug#643469: ITP: nqp -- Not Quite Perl compiler Bug#643566: RFP: python-fudge -- Fudge is a Python module for using fake objects (mocks and stubs) to test real ones. Bug#643595: ITP: snes9x -- Cross-platform SNES emulator Bug#643630: ITP: librg-utils-perl -- parsers and format conversion utilities used by (e.g.) profphd Bug#643669: ITP: pp-popularity-contest -- PredictProtein popularity contest Bug#643712: general: GNOME or GTK tabs are very slow Bug#643722: ITP: guacamole -- Guacamole Clientless Remote Desktop Bug#643736: ITP: ocaml-zarith -- arithmetic and logical operations over arbitrary-precision integers Bug#643743: ITP: pcalendar -- track menstrual cycles and predict fertility periods Bug#643759: ITP: acegi-security -- Acegi Security System for Spring Bug#643789: ITP: salt -- Remote server administration suite Bug#643837: ITP: pd-pdstring -- Pd-objects for string manipulation Bug#643838: ITP: pd-flite -- speech synthesis for Pd Bug#643865: ITP: ffcs -- an integrated environment for FreeFem++ Bug#643874: RFP: python-fisher -- simple and fast implementation of Fisher's exact test Bug#643889: ITP: trac-virtualticketpermissions -- Extended permissions plugin for Trac ticketing system Bug#643892: ITP: yelp-tools -- Yelp documentation tools Bug#643893: ITP: trac-sensitivetickets -- Trac ticketing system plugin to mark tickets as sensitive Bug#643911: ITP: slashtime -- Slashtime - Display the time in various places. Bug#643913: ITP: hunspell-ru -- Russian dictionary for hunspell Bug#643914: ITP: php-letodms-lucene -- Document management system - Fulltext search buildd machines vs. resource-hungry packages (ITK) checking if .deb's match Packages common CLI conventions? Could the multiarch wiki page be explicit about pkgconfig files? creating init.d scripts Debian as Software Appliance DEP5: proposed versioned url for Format: does not work Re: Dependencies of metapackages Depends: logrotate (forever and ever and ever) dpkg predependency against tar >= 1.23, objections? e2dis status update Re: e2dis: a Jigdo-like tool for Ext2+ FS images Eliminating bash scripts? Re: Format 3.0 (git) Format 3.0 (git) (was: Re: single-debian-patch (was Re: Bits from dpkg developers - dpkg 1.16.1)) forwarding bugs upstream - opt-in, delayed, automated GnuPG users (or DD's) in Krasnoyarsk or Novosibirsk, Russia? Hardening build flags release goal Help for testing How to coordinate a DVD burn program with udev ? how to handle *.ucf files in /etc/apache2/conf.d? Re: Introducing Build-Recommends / Build-Core-Depends? ITP: convergence -- An agile, distributed, and secure strategy for replacing Certificate Authorities. compromised konqueror is starting libreoffice when starting konqueror is starting libreoffice when starting [UPDATE] Please create (was: Re: Mobile UXes - From the DebConf11 BoF to the stars) load of apache module for a package Re: Maintainers, porters, and burden of porting making encrypted $HOME as easy and convenient as possible Mistake in postrm preventing functioning of newer package (stable/testing/unstable) Mobile UXes - From the DebConf11 BoF to the stars Re: Multiarch in Debian unstable New libsdl-perl will break frozen-bubble, pangzero and dizzy Packages that should use "interest-noawait" trigger directive packages under the AGPL-3 license The last update was on 07:32 GMT Sun May 27. There are 584 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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