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Could the multiarch wiki page be explicit about pkgconfig files?

I'm trying to implement Multiarch for e2fsprogs, and there's one thing
which is confusing about the Multiarch wiki page at 


and that's the correct location of pkgconfig files, which currently are
stored at /usr/lib/pkgconfig/<lib>.pc.   The Wiki page seems to imply
the correct location is /usr/lib/<triplet>/pkgconfig/<lib>.pc.   And
I've received patches that drop them there.

But my read of Debian policy and some mailing list archives seems to
imply that the -dev packages should *not* be modified for Multiarch
yet.   It would be nice if the Multiarch wiki page could give some
explicit guidance here.   It warns about how it's easy for -dev to use
the wrong location of the .pc file, but that's not surprising since it's
very vague about what exactly is the correct location.  :-(

Some assurance about whether or not pkg-config tool has been updated to
do the right thing might also be nice.


					- Ted

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