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Re: Could the multiarch wiki page be explicit about pkgconfig files?

* Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org>, 2011-09-19, 22:00:
The correct place for debug files is a hash-based path, instead of the crapfuck we have today.
... but until then, for gdb to pick them up, debug symbols for $THING must be in /usr/lib/debug/$THING (a general rule, independent of multiarch),

No, gdb is perfectly able to pick them from /usr/lib/debug/.build-id/.

Since ddeb support in dak is apparently not coming soon, maybe we should start migrating the existing -dbg packages to this scheme. If it can help with multiarch as well, this hits two birds with one stone.

FYI, I've just filed #642158.

Jakub Wilk

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