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Hardening build flags release goal


we're not very far from having hardening build flags set by default by
dpkg-buildflags (waiting on some documentation update that Kees should
take care of).

I would like to find one or two persons to lead a new release goal
centered around hardening. The big goal is to have the maximum number of
packages using hardening by the time Wheezy is released but it could
include more specific sub-goals like "all packages with priority >=
standard should use dpkg-buildflags properly" or "all packages providing a
daemon should use dpkg-buildflags properly".

It's up to whoever does the work to define their methodology of work but
it's probably interesting to write some script to detect whether a package
is using dpkg-buildflags. Rebuilding packages with a custom
dpkg-buildflags configuration that adds a fake flag and analyzing the
build logs has been suggested (see #628516).

If you're interested, just respond and start creating the release goal
wiki page:

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