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Re: Debian as Software Appliance


Le jeudi 15 septembre 2011 à 13:39 -0700, zferentz a écrit : 
> My company considering to ship our (commercial) product on top of a
> Linux software appliance . One of the suggestions was to use Linux
> Debian as a core .

Thanks for your interest. I think you will find Debian to be very
convenient for such use.

> My questions are pretty basic :
> 1. can we simply create a software appliance and ship it to our
> customers ? we don't mind to provide the code for the "free stuff" ,
> however we are not allowed to provide our own sources.

Yes. You are required to provide the sources for many of the free
components, but the licenses do not force you to open your own code in
the general case. Of course, if you decide to extend a copylefted piece
of software, you will have to comply with the copyleft in order to
redistribute it.

> 2. we plan to use LDAP and Apache , are there any restrictions that we
> shall be aware of ?


> 3. What if we're using the "non-free" repository ? can we ship stuff
> from there and publish the names of the packages  ?

Contrarily to the main repository, you will have to evaluate each
package from the non-free repository and see if you can comply with the

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