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Re: How to coordinate a DVD burn program with udev ?


> > What is the recommended way for a library resp. a console program
> > to tell udev, that a CD drive and the media will undergo arbitrary
> > changes and should not be accessed during that time ?

Ben Hutchings:
> There isn't one.

Isn't this a kind of shortcomming ? 

I remember that Eduard Bloch in 2006 approached LKML on behalf of wodim
to get means for exclusive access to CD drives.
The reply was that userspace should settle its conflicts by cooperation.
Ted T'so was so kind to help me exploring the opportunities for such
cooperation with libblkid.
It turned out that there were no reliable means to do so.

>  And I don't see any reason why udev should try to
> reidentify a CD drive on a 'change' event.  I mean, it's not exactly
> likely to change itself to be capable of handling a new disc format that
> would deserve an additional symlink name.

I agree. It would suffice to assess the drive at boot resp. plug time.
But udev does show reactions on mere usage of the drive by libburn.
Not only on tray loading.
(Else a subsequent run of xorriso would not make the links re-appear.)

> I assume the other symlinks to this device also disappear?


So what to do ?
I am eager to improve the relationship of my burn software with udev.

But i need instructions. Where to ask for them ?

Have a nice day :)


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