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Re: bits from the DPL for August 2011

On Wed, Sep 7, 2011 at 3:25 PM, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:

> A mildly related discussion has happened on -devel [5]. The bottom line
> is simple: if you're maintaining a service which has some kind of web
> interface, please ensure the page footer has links to the source and
> relevant BTS page. It's a small step but fundamental step to: 1) invite
> contributions to our infrastructure (e.g. from people willing to help
> Debian via sw development contributions); and 2) show that our
> infrastructure is Free.

Added this to the Debian wiki configuration. Also added a link to the
wiki page for the wiki team.

> PS as usual, the boring day-to-day activity log is available at
>   <master:/srv/leader/news/bits-from-the-DPL.*>


I wonder if you would consider publishing those snippets which are
publishable onto your microblogging platform of choice?



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