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*-config programs and multi-arch


In several packages I maintain there are programs that function like pkg-config (adios-config in adios; dap-config in libdap-dev). These then contain architecture-specific
information similar to pkg-config files.

What is the preferred solution for handling these in the multi-arch debian world?
Currently I am working on providing pkg-config .pc files as a replacement
(and requesting that upstream deprecate the *-config scripts); I could rewrite the adios_config and dap-config scripts to read the pkg-config file information, but I'm unsure how pkg-config works in multiarch when multiple arch versions of a library are installed; how is pkg-config expected to behave when multiple architecture versions of a lib are installed, and if I make, e.g. adios_config return the same results, should I ship
adios_config in /usr/bin of libadios-dev in a multiarch version?


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