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Mistake in postrm preventing functioning of newer package (stable/testing/unstable)

Hello fellow developers,
recently I uploaded a new version of bpython -- from to 0.10.1-1 --
and I switched from dh_pysupport to dh_python2 in the meanwhile.

However, I didn't notice a huge upgrade bug:'s postrm inconditionally
removed /usr/lib/python*/*-packages/bpython (I can't exactly remember why I put
it there in the first place), and this seems to have effect on files installed
by 0.10.1-1 as well -- with dh_python2, symlinks are shipped in the package and
not created at install-time.

The first solution I thought was to re-switch from dh_python2 to dh_pysupport,
fixing the postrm and waiting for the package to enter testing. Only then,
upload a dh_python2 version to sid.

However, the buggy postrm is also present in stable, so the above trick won't
work when users will upgrade from stable to new-stable.

Since there's a point release coming, I wonder whether the right course of
action now is: fixing the package in stable plus what described above.

I'm CCing also debian-release, to check if a fix would be ok (I'd just remove
the postrm altogether).

Here's the buggy postrm (not present anymore in current sid's package):

Thanks for any suggestion,

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