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Re: Bits from dpkg developers - dpkg 1.16.1

Joey Hess writes ("Re: Bits from dpkg developers - dpkg 1.16.1"):
> Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> > * dpkg-buildpackage no longer exports CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS/LDFLAGS/CPPFLAGS/FFLAGS
> | You don't know how many packages are broken or no longer
> | policy compliant because they were relying on those environment
> | variables
> Who said that? Oh, yeah it was you.
> How are we supposed to deal with packages that have been broken or made
> policy incompliant by this change to dpkg?

I'm one of the submitters of one of the bugs which requested this
change.  This is a reversion of dpkg to a previous behaviour, and it
/un/breaks packages.  Or at least I think it unbreaks much more than
it breaks.

It was always completely wrong of dpkg-buildpackage to set these
variables.  Source packages are entitled to assume that strange
environment variables which cause their tools to do odd things will
not be set.


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