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Re: buildd machines vs. resource-hungry packages (ITK)

On Fri, Sep 16, 2011 at 10:06:58PM -0500, Steve M. Robbins wrote:

> The main culprit behind the resource usage is the wrappers for Tcl,
> Java, and Python.  The underlying ITK codebase consists of heavily
> templated C++ libraries.  The wrapping process generates a huge amount
> of code since many variants of each templated class are instantiated
> and compiled.

So after sending this, I think I have hit upon a solution by 
splitting into multiple source packages.

It seems that the wrapping can be done by using the installed headers
and libraries.  So I can have the core source package build only the
C++ libraries and also install the cmake files for wrapping (to
/usr/src/WrapITK).  Then I can create three new source packages, say:
wraptitk-python, wraptitk-tcl, wraptitk-java that build-depends on the
ITK -dev package (which provides /usr/src/WrapITK).  Each wrapping
package builds just one set of wrappers so the disc usage is only a
third (maybe 3-4 GB if I don't use -g).

The remaining stumbling block then would be memory and I may have to
resort to other options mentioned in this thread: removing
optimization or simply not building the wrappers for the less-capable


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