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Re: Could the multiarch wiki page be explicit about pkgconfig files?

On 19/09/2011 08:51, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> ]] "Theodore Ts'o" 
> | and that's the correct location of pkgconfig files, which currently are
> | stored at /usr/lib/pkgconfig/<lib>.pc.   The Wiki page seems to imply
> | the correct location is /usr/lib/<triplet>/pkgconfig/<lib>.pc.   And
> | I've received patches that drop them there.
> /usr/lib/<triplet>/pkgconfig/<lib>.pc is correct.
> pkg-config 0.26-1 and newer looks there by default, so you probably want
> to either depend on that version or newer or add a Breaks against older
> versions.

  I already raise (without answer) the question when <triplet> is not
<multiarchdir> (if I recall correctly, this is the case for the i386
Debian architecture).
  So, how pkg-config (and other tools) does the <triplet> ->
<multiarchdir> translation? Is it hard-coded?


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