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Re: forwarding bugs upstream - opt-in, delayed, automated

Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org> writes:

> Steve suggested a feature that might improve the status quo:
> - enable people to subscribe to bug traffic only if it matches specific
>   tags (the idea being of forwarding upstream only the traffic for
>   "confirmed" bugs)

I'd love this, even with having only my BTS-junkie hat on. This would
allow me to subscribe to, say, security or $arch-related bugs for a
select number of packages I depend on for $work, or packages I'm more
familiar with. Without the disadvantage of also receiving all kinds of
reports I can't do a thing about.

This would certainly be a far more pleasant experience than subscribing
to -bugs-dist and trying to filter based on how many messages a
particular bug received, and how often certain words appeared in the

While none of my current upstreams would be interested in this feature,
I think, I do know that there are upstreams, who would be very

> - add a DELAYED-like mechanism where upstream is notified of a bug only
>   if the package maintainer fails to "deal with" the bug in a specific
>   timeframe, say, 10 days ("deal with" may be defined in various ways,
>   e.g.: "post to the bug log", "closes the bug", details need to be
>   fleshed out a bit on this point)

For similar reasons that I liked the other suggested feature, I see
great value in this one too: mortal users can subscribe to packages they
depend on, or know better than others, and easily get notified when the
package needs manpower.


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