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Re: How to coordinate a DVD burn program with udev ?

On Fri, 2011-09-16 at 09:46 +0200, Thomas Schmitt wrote:
> >  And I don't see any reason why udev should try to
> > reidentify a CD drive on a 'change' event.  I mean, it's not exactly
> > likely to change itself to be capable of handling a new disc format that
> > would deserve an additional symlink name.
> I agree. It would suffice to assess the drive at boot resp. plug time.
> But udev does show reactions on mere usage of the drive by libburn.
> Not only on tray loading.
> (Else a subsequent run of xorriso would not make the links re-appear.)

I imagine that libburn's commands to the drive cause it to signal a
status change to the kernel driver, which passes that on to udev.

> > I assume the other symlinks to this device also disappear?
> Yes.
> So what to do ?
> I am eager to improve the relationship of my burn software with udev.
> But i need instructions. Where to ask for them ?

Have you asked the udev developers *why* it is doing this problematic
and apparently redundant work in case of a 'change' event on a CD drive?


Ben Hutchings
If more than one person is responsible for a bug, no one is at fault.

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