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Re: Format 3.0 (git)

Tollef Fog Heen writes ("Re: Format 3.0 (git)"):
> I don't put much weight on the «it should be simple to hack on packages
> and VCSes make it hard» argument.  IME, there are many more people who
> know how to drive git than there are people who know how to usefully
> hack on Debian packages.

More to the point, it is not effectively possible to work on Debian
source packages without using Debian tools.  (It used to be when there
was just the tarball and perhaps one patch, but now that we have all
these different source formats it certainly isn't any more.)

So all that is needed is for those Debian tools (dpkg-source,
primarily) to do "the right thing" and then working with a git format
source package is just as easy or hard as working with (say) quilt or
the old 1-patch format.

So I don't buy this argument.  From the point of view of someone who
doesn't want to learn git, they can use dpkg-source and the git stuff
is an implementation detail.


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