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Re: Bug#641812: ITP: qt-solutions2009-gpl -- free source code from Qt, available under GPL-3

On Saturday 17 September 2011 01:45:41 you wrote:
> An alternative would be to merge the relevant code into Sankore's main
> source, and tagging this obsoleted code as a candidate to be replaced as
> soon as possible. Is that solution better?

Given that the QtSolution code is more example code than library code, I think 
that this is a better solution, yes, and it is also my recommendation to other 
users of QtSolution code.
> > >   Version         : 1.0
> > 
> > Where does this version number come from?
> This version number is arbitrary. 2009.0 would be more appropriate?

Yes. Such a version number would be better.

> > >   Upstream Author : Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies)
> > > 
> > > * URL             :
> > > ftp://ftp.heanet.ie/mirrors/ftp.trolltech.com/pub/qt/solutions/lgpl/*.t
> > > ar. gz * License         : GPL-3
> > 
> > Is there any reason why you haven't instead chosen the BSD licensed newer
> > editions from qt.gitorious.org? Or at least listed the alternative
> > lgplv2.1 license that it is also offered under?
> Unfortunately some subpackages which are necessary in Sankore are no
> more found in qt.gitorious.org, for example: qtsingleapplication. Maybe
> I did not search at the good place in qt.gitorious.org?


> If there is some mean to reduce the size of qt-solutions2009-gpl, it
> would be a useful build-dependency for the future package sankore. If
> not, what would you suggest?

My first suggestion for making qt-solutions actually usable as a package would 
be to not provide it as GPLv3 only.
My next suggestion would be to convert the bits that aren't in Qt proper into 
proper libraries and use them and package them as such.
The things that might be reasonable as actual libraries would be
 - qtsoap (even though it is a quite bad soap implementation)
 - qtsingleapplication
 - qtcolor*
 - qtpiemenu
 - qtmmlwidget
 - qtiocompressor
 - qtservice
 - qtlockedfile

But it requires work to get these to a standard where they are worth using as 

The following is in Qt:
 - qtstatemachine
 - qtanimationframework  

Do you know how may I log from a MIDI periferic?

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