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8e9800 Fast Data Access MMU Miss Re: [PATCH] Add support for GPT partitioned disks on sparc/sparc64 Anyone interested in a SunFire V240? broken link for Debian SPARC Port at Re: Bug#824449: firefox: FTBFS on sparc64 due to wrong platform definitions Bug#898982: rustc: Please re-add workaround for LLVM bug 11663 Bug#898983: harfbuzz: FTBFS on sparc64, testsuite failures Bug#898985: gdisk: FTBFS on sparc64, testsuite failure due to unaligned access Bug#900059: libgit2: Testsuite failure due to alignment-related crashes dumb question du jour : installer images or netbootable files? GRUB is now the default bootloader on sparc64 Installation tests with GRUB on GPT disks installing current ports iso parted problems making partitions on sun disks regarding the M3000 issue on the wiki sparc64 crc32c opcode not available sparc64 debian netboot chicken and egg sparc64 porterbox currently out of service Starting up Debian on a T5120 Sun Blade 1000 trying the M3000 with Fujitsu SPARC VII+ cpu ZFS'ing my T5120 with Debian The last update was on 12:30 GMT Mon Jun 10. There are 122 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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