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sparc64 debian netboot chicken and egg

Looking at https://wiki.debian.org/Sparc64#Network_booting it says :

    "If you already have a working installation of Debian GNU/Linux
      Sid for sparc64"


So this is chicken and egg here.

I think what I need to do is just get a cdrom ( not a dvd ) and attach
it to an IDE bus on the netra motherboard and then hope that there
exists an iso which will work. However this means ripping the netra out
of the rack and playing around with hardware. None of this is reasonable
with an M4000 that I have standing by as that thing is a monster to
lift.  Really that is my target system that I want running but for now
an old netra will help with proof of concept.

So I will stay in touch.


ps: Oracle Linux won't install on anything that isn't a T-class unit or
     newer M-class gear.  pita.

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