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Re: Installation tests with GRUB on GPT disks

On 05/18/2018 10:16 PM, Frank Scheiner wrote:
>> Ok, thank you.
> Ok, after testing I can confirm that at least on my T5220 a separate partition for `/boot` is not needed. I'll try to check what my oldest UltraSPARC machines
> make out if it.

Yes, but as you correctly mentioned, without a separate /boot partition, there
is always the risk that the blocklist method fails if the GRUB files are put
too far at the end of the / filesystem. We should maybe forward this question

>> So, to summarize:
>> 1. Can you test whether adding "$iflabel { sun }" creates the
>>     separate /boot partition for you?
> Just tested this now and yes:
> ```
> 50 500 100 ext2
>         $iflabel { sun }
>         method{ format }
>         format{ }
>         use_filesystem{ }
>         filesystem{ ext2 }
>         mountpoint{ /boot } .
> ```
> ...creates the separate partition for `/boot` on my T5220 and:

And it disabled /boot for GPT disk labels, works as expected. Thus,
I have already committed the changes to partman-auto.

>> 2. Do you need "$bootable { }" for /boot to work with GRUB?
> ...no, the bootable flag seems to be unneeded by GRUB (or OBP), as the system booted without an issue after the installation finished.

Ok. This can probably just be considered a leftover from SILO that
we can get rid of then. But it also doesn't seem to hurt at the

> One thing to note is, that per default GRUB uses `quiet` in the kernel command line, so depending on the speed of a machine and/or its disk drives, it might at
> first look that nothing happens after GRUB has loaded kernel and initrd although the kernel is actually booting.

I *think* the GRUB parameters are set in finish-install, but
I am not sure.

See: https://salsa.debian.org/installer-team/finish-install/tree/master/finish-install.d


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