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Re: ZFS'ing my T5120 with Debian

On 05/26/2018 08:07 PM, Chris Ross wrote:
>> Just add a boot partition for GRUB. It doesn't have to be large.
> Okay.  But, as I mentioned, I don't want to have anything that exists on
> only one spinning disk.  Is there a way to mirror a partition onto a second
> disk that can still be something GRUB can load to/from?  It doesn't have to
> be ZFS, but it does have to be replicated so that if a disk fails, I can
> boot from another.

You can just mirror the partition to each disk, then GRUB can just boot
from any of the disks.

>>>> Btw, I'm surprised to read that the T5120 supports GPT disk labels? I
>>>> thought that GPT is supported on T4 and newer only.
>>> I believe the same, I don't know what that error message means.  I know that
>>> I do have sun labels, not GPT labels, on my disks.
>> Can you print your partition layout with parted and post it here?
> Attached.  Oh.  I see now that I was wrong, only the fourth disk (what I did
> the initial install onto, and plan to make a ZFS spare) is sun.  The other
> three are gpt.  So, may be totally unusable anyway.  But, it explains the
> message grub gave me.  Clearly I've gone astray somewhere. :-)

The Sun partition table is only needed for a given disk if you want
to be able to boot from that disk. The kernel itself supports any
of the partition tables that parted supports.

> So, if we presume that my T5120 won't handle gpt disks, then I'll have to
> repartition the first three disks back to sun.  At which point, I may or
> may not have the exact same problem with grub if I make them only have one
> bit zfs partition.  Before I do that, I'm happy to hear suggestions of what
> partitions to put on those disks when switching them to a sun partition table.
If all of the disks shall be bootable from GRUB, they have to have a Sun
partition table.

But you should maybe post your GRUB-specific questions on the GRUB mailing
list. I have never tried ZFS as a boot partition so I don't really know
which configurations are supported.


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