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ZFS'ing my T5120 with Debian

Thanks all for your assistance in recent weeks.  After the zfs-linux update
I was able to get zfs built, and all of the work on grub and partition/install
that I've been following on the list gets me to a point to ask for my next

I have a T5120 currently running on sdd, and want to install a fresh debian
on ZFS datasets on sda through sdc.  I want to install a fresh OS onto those
zvols.  How much of that process is built into just running the debian
installer, and how much will I need to manually set up?  I assume I need to
create the zfs volumes, which I'm comfortable doing. (First, does anyone know
if booting from RAIDZ works, or if I need to use ZFS mirror (as I did on

After that is there a "install everything" process, or a set of steps I
need to take one at a time to install pieces, set up disks for booting, and/or
other things.


                     - Chris

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