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Re: Installation tests with GRUB on GPT disks

On 05/16/2018 03:25 PM, Frank Scheiner wrote:
> On 05/16/2018 03:03 PM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
>> Adding those recipes for partman-auto will resolve the issue.
> Should we add additional recipes or better modify the existing sparc recipe?

If just adding

10 10 10 free
	$iflabel{ gpt }
	$reusemethod{ }
	method{ biosgrub } .

does trick, then we should use this, I guess.

If we need to add new recipes, then we should name the folder "recipes-sparc-sun4u_gpt"
and make "sparc64" the link files (to be consistent with the existing recipes).

Did you test whether this becomes a no-op one systems with Sun-label?

I can test whether it does the right thing on GPT labels, provided that
the recipe files can be found somewhere on the disk where I can change

>> Does any of the other architectures which use GRUB require a bios_grub partition?
> The "default" recipes use a bios_grub partition (see e.g. [1]). It's 1 MiB in size, but I expect that when partitioned on a gpt capable system this will result in 1 MiB space at the beginning of the disk and a 1 MiB partition after it. I assume this is created automatically on gpt capable systems, because of:
> ```
> $iflabel{ gpt }
> ```
> I don't know if this is required for GRUB2 on i386/amd64 though, but maybe yes, so GRUB2 doesn't touch the 1 MiB space at the beginning.

Pretty sure it's not as x86-based systems use an EFI partition instead.

I think, we need to add such a warning at some point. But for the time
being, just extending partman-auto should be enough to be able to
kick out "silo-installer".


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