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Re: 8e9800 Fast Data Access MMU Miss

Hi all,

On 05/13/2018 07:21 PM, Dennis Clarke wrote:
On 05/13/2018 01:11 PM, Jan Engelhardt wrote:

On Sunday 2018-05-13 18:05, Dennis Clarke wrote:
Can you try the netboot image contained in this tarball [1]?

Hrmm .. new problem. I think that the firmware on ye older Sun Netra
type units was limited as to how much it could fetch and deal with
for a "net boot" process. Looks to be precisely 10MB :

And I wonder if they ever bumped it at all, because it is not a problem for
Solaris, and 10 MB is ample space for a "bootloader" of sorts (think
wanboot(1m)/inetboot(1m)). Perhaps grub2 is the answer to that, since I have
never gotten TILO to do it.

Me neither.  I tested my setup of tftp/dhcp/nfs etc with a net install
of Solaris 10 u11 and that works fine. That is actually using grub from
way back at version 1.97 ( or there abouts ) however it was madly hacked
inside Sun and then more hackary was done during the OpenSolaris
project. Definately grub. I should go have a look and see if I have the
sources laying about somewhere.  Could be useful.

Regardless ... I will keep poking at this with a stick and see what I
  can come up with.

Sorry, I'm a little late but was quite occupied by other things recently.

I'm using GRUB2 for netbooting my UltraSPARC and NewWorld PowerPC gear since a while and also already started to document the process to get it going. But for netbooting it can get quite elaborate if you want to write an all-in-one how-to (incl. all needed or useful services, e.g. RARP, DNS, DHCP, TFTP and NFS) so one easily gets carried away and rambles on. :-/

But as the GRUB2 part alone is already useful for people that are familiar with the supporting service infrastructure, I just finished up this part and put it into the Debian wiki. I will add more information later if need be - I have to check the available information about network services first.

The methods described on [1] work for me to network boot my UltraSPARC gear, but you need kernel and initramfs as separate files.


[1]: https://wiki.debian.org/Sparc64#Network_booting

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