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Re: Installation tests with GRUB on GPT disks

On 05/16/2018 05:23 PM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
10 10 10 free
	$iflabel{ gpt }
	$reusemethod{ }
	method{ biosgrub } .
Did you test whether this becomes a no-op one systems with Sun-label?

I don't remember, but I'd say no, because I wrote "[...] if the assumption is correct that "$iflabel{ gpt }" line will only make this part effective on GPT partitioned disks" in early March.

I'll give it a try on my T5220 with kernel and initrd from the image you provided today and report back.

I can test whether it does the right thing on GPT labels, provided that
the recipe files can be found somewhere on the disk where I can change

The recipes are located below `/lib/partman/` in the installer environment. They can be modified before entering the partitioning step (`nano` is available in the installer environment) - even multiple times if you can repeat the partitioning step (e.g. in expert mode).


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