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Re: Bug#898983: harfbuzz: FTBFS on sparc64, testsuite failures

Control: reassign -1 freetype

It turns out that this issue goes away when building against a newer
upstream version of freetype, so it's not a bug in harfbuzz.

Looking at the git history for freetype, there is one potential fix
which are not part of freetype 2.8.1:

commit 3b3cb32dd2340d86d3165961a4bb3dbd44353075
Author: Werner Lemberg <wl@gnu.org>
Date:   Thu Sep 21 09:03:20 2017 +0200

    [truetype] Fix `mmvar' array pointers.

    Without this change, clang's AddressSanitizer reports many runtime
    errors due to misaligned addresses.

    * src/truetype/ttgxvar.c (TT_Get_MM_Var): Use multiples of pointer
    size for sub-array offsets into `mmvar'.

So, just updating to 2.9.1 should already probably fix this bug.


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