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Re: Starting up Debian on a T5120

On 05/04/2018 07:08 PM, Chris Ross wrote:
Also, since zfs-linux is part of Debian's contrib distribution, you would
have to build the package from source yourself. I can help you with that
either way.

   Ahh, okay.  That's what I didn't know yet.  I saw that there was an available
zfs-fuse and installed that, since I didn't see a kernel ZFS.  I started
considering how I might manage if I didn't have a "everything is in ZFS"
system which is what I'm used to.  Then next step was "ask for help".

The problem here, again, is that sparc64 is part of Debian Ports which
doesn't build any packages from the "contrib" and "non-free" distributions.

I think this is an issue we can get resolved once we have replaced "mini-DAK"
with "DAK" in Debian Ports (the software that maintains the FTP server
archive contents). But that's a long-time project.

So, first you should go ahead and install your machine with Debian's
sparc64 port. Then I'll let you know how to proceed with getting ZFS
set up.

   Got that.  A couple months ago, and just brought it back online.  Should
I reinstall it, upgrade it, or just start where I am?  Looks like a late-Feb
build is what got installed.  And I'm definately an old hand with building
and installing OSes.  Been doing it that way for 20+ years.  :-)

Just apt update && apt upgrade && apt dist-upgrade should be enough.

Let us know if there are any issues with the dist-upgrade.


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