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Re: Starting up Debian on a T5120

On 05/04/2018 05:18 PM, Chris Ross wrote:
Hello all.  I have been a sparc64 user for many years, across a variety
of BSDs.  Most recently, FreeBSD, largely for their implementation of ZFS.

Since FreeBSD doesn't support sun4v, and isn't likely to, I looked at
alternatives, and am looking to try debian sparc64.  I have experience
with Debian and Ubuntu, so the learning curve shouldn't be too bad.

Sounds like a good idea :-).

I got a sparc64 build installed onto my t5120 earlier this year, then
got distracted by other things.  Getting back to it, I'm curious if there
is ZFS support for Debian sparc64 other than the FUSE module I found and
am using.  I'd like to configure the disks as ZFS and boot off of them.
I'm sure this is possible with the kernel modules, but want to know if
anyone knows how to set this up with the sparc64 support.

Yes, Debian has the packages "zfs-linux" and "spl-linux" which provide
various binary packages you can install for getting ZFS support in your
kernel. ZFS does support sparc64, of course. Although ZFS upstream introduced
support for something called "channels" and I think this particular wasn't
matured on sparc64.

Also, since zfs-linux is part of Debian's contrib distribution, you would
have to build the package from source yourself. I can help you with that
either way.

So, first you should go ahead and install your machine with Debian's
sparc64 port. Then I'll let you know how to proceed with getting ZFS
set up.


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