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Re: sparc64 debian netboot chicken and egg

On 05/14/2018 04:03 PM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
On 05/14/2018 08:37 PM, Dennis Clarke wrote:

Looking at https://wiki.debian.org/Sparc64#Network_booting it says :

     "If you already have a working installation of Debian GNU/Linux
       Sid for sparc64"


So this is chicken and egg here.

This is neither official documentation nor did I write this. It's also not
the ultimate answer. These instructions just describe one way of setting
up GRUB for netboot.

Oh no worries. I get it that this is a moving picture and nothing is
carved in stone.  I just wonder if there is a way to get back to a full
primary architecture with sparc64 as opposed to a lab project port.

Please don't assume that everything on the Debian wiki is of official
character. The wiki is a product of contributors from the community and
they don't necessarily know everything when writing such a document.

You are very much invited to help improving this documentation though.

Oh .. I will. Once I get moving ahead. I think the ppc64 side of life is working well for me and I have gcc 8.1.0 working well over there :


Not a bad result.

OT here but I find it annoying that lately gcc 7.3.0 and gcc 8.1.0 both accept assembly input and I can specify -mcpu=970 however gcc utters
this down to binutils as :

/usr/local/bin/as -v -a64 -mpower4 -maltivec -maltivec -many -mregnames -mbig -o hello_gcc810_mpfr_4.0.1_p6_.o hello_gcc810_mpfr_4.0.1_p6_.s

So that -mpower4 there is odd.

I am curious what I will see on sparc64.

ps: Oracle Linux won't install on anything that isn't a T-class unit or
      newer M-class gear.  pita.

Oracle Linux is compiled for sun4v, so lots of classical 64-bit SPARC
machines are not usable.

Won't work on the new S-class systems either. Any day now I expect John
Fowler to walk out the door with a cheque in his hand .. no idea.


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