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Re: sparc64 crc32c opcode not available


On 05/30/2018 04:10 AM, Chris Ross wrote:
> Hey.  I have my T5120 running, recently updated packages including kernel
> (4.16.0-1-sparc64-smp).  On the system's console I'm seeing two messages
> of concern, periodically:
> [27482.619730] Kernel unaligned access at TPC[120bc270] sa_build_layouts+0x5f0/0x8c0 [zfs]

This is a bug in the ZFS kernel code which should be reported upstream.

The ZFS module contains code that produces unaligned access and the kernel
fixes that. It's not a problem per se because the kernel can work around
that. But it should probably get fixed.

> [18307.649038] crc32c_sparc64: sparc64 crc32c opcode not available.

This just means that your CPU doesn't support this particular instruction,
this is merely an information and not an indicator of a problem.


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