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[kontact/knotes] note's look differ from knote to kontact adipic AllStars. more.Who Re: Alternative to the broken Panel Apt reports segmentation fault automount not working automount settings Backtracing kded Backup booky Re: Bug#381321: kopete: Client is too old for ICQ Cannot mount usb key (and I read the archives) Desktop bug Device icons lost from desktop (KDE 3.5.3) doldrum Don't quote the spam WAS Re: Official prize Notification Files and directories to preserve across upgrade Re: Files and directories to preserve across upgrade--surprising success help how to configure kmilo How to use -dbg packages? https and konqueror kaddressbook and kbarcode KDE Kmail and spamassasin bayes rule. Re: kmail instance separately starting Konqueror and auto-opening local .html files Konqueror being slow with RGBA images Konsole not running bash_profile Kontact calendar and reminders Re: Kopete 0.12 NOT in kdenetwork 3.5.4 Kopete 0.12.1 for SID? Korganizer New Event Window Size kwalletmanager is almost unusable mobile phones Mount in Konqueror? moving konqueror's bookmarks.xml to a new system Need Help With Installing X11 and KDE New KDE (3.5.4) will break mouting of removeable devices Re: Official prize Notification PCMCIA in infocenter uses old tools Printer auto-detection and scanning no longer works Problems with Konqueror Re: Proper way to configure input devices Remote logins with KDM Re: Running Commands Automatically at shutdown Re: Setting KMail's To Do flag Sid: Konqueror context menu? Sid: Missing "Debian" menu item? Truncated text strings in GTK applications after KDE update to 3.5.4 Turn off Konqueror's unhelpful XML parsing Upgrade broke subpixel rendering Using search index within KDE help center web-Page Where are keyboard schemes saved? The last update was on 10:30 GMT Sun May 20. There are 179 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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