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Printer auto-detection and scanning no longer works


Until recently, my up-to date testing KDE laptop would automatically show me 
all available network printers under "Print System" and in the Printer 
drop-down menu under File -> Print in KDE apps.

Lately, though, I must manually add any network printers. To use the "Scan" 
feature of "Add Printer", I must change the subnet used from 127.0.0.* to, 
say, 192.168.1* for it to succeed. This is a pain as I move around a lot.

My cupsd.conf has the line: 

Listen localhost:631

Browsing is on and BrowseAllow is set to All.

I've tried various other settings, each of which either renders CUPS 
inoperable or makes the scan exhaustive within the 127.* subnet, but does not 
restore the former automatic behaviour.
To be honest, I'm not sure how this is supposed to work. 

Anyone else seen this or know how to fix it?



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